Contracting and Sales

Effective contracting and sales materialization

Consal is specialized in contracting in the domestic and international markets through cooperations with tour operators, travel agencies as well as the online distribution channels. A unique and carefully designed marketing plan is created for each hotel around its unique needs and opportunities and this is the way Consal ensures greater occupancy with increased sales and hotels’ revenue.

We provide:

  • Full management of contracting and sales
  • Strengthen the existing contracting and sales
  • Pricing policy
  • Contracting with tour operators, travel agents, bedbanks and online travel agents
  • B2B and B2C sales
  • Daily sales calls and meeting with current and prospective collaborators
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Yield management
  • Marketing plan according to the hotel’s needs
  • Adopt a healthy market segmentation
  • Online distribution strategy
  • Increase of direct sales

With consal, you will achieve maximum hotel’s revenues through meticulous and long-standing approach to sales and marketing.

What truly feeds the achievement of our goals is that we are armed with precision tools, knowledge and a passion for success which delivers unrivaled results.

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